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The Cathedral & Lighthouse:
  • The main level entry into 'The Alpha Watch' headquarters a.k.a "The Citadel" is underneath a old Catholic Cathedral secret stairwell, while the second entrance is located under a hidden staircase in the lighthouse. The Catholic monks man the lighthouse, as their duties to guide the roaming boats with a becon of hope.

The Citadel:

Originally established to help guide ships pulling into port, eventually a mission was established by the Spanish dedicated to the education and conversion of the native americans who were eventually forced out and moved to a nearby reservation. After the Civil War was over and the original Alpha Watch team was formed, it had been suggested by a few of their members that the island be their official place of meeting. Because not only was it quiet and rather remote, it was also owned by the Catholic church, meaning if their brand of justice attracted law enforcement, bounty hunters or any kind of negative attention, they could enact the ancient tradition of sanctuary, meaning they could not be harassed, attacked or arrested as long as they resided on consecrated ground. And while many felt uneasy having these vigilantes on their property, Sister Mary Virginia, fought for their right for protection and made the argument that even the angels needed a sharp sword. Whether it was her speech, her arguments or her attitude, nobody could say, but in the end it was agreed Alpha Watch would be given the underground portions of their home as long as all vigilante activity would take place outside their island and no offenses against God would take place. Agreeing, what began only as a few rooms, soon expanded as they recruited old friends to help them expand and build their base, turning it into a full out headquarters, rather than a hideaway and for almost a century it’d remain a secret.

Wishing to continue their legacy, eventually the new Alpha Watch team discovered the old base, having discovered that the island had all been but abandoned leaving the ruins of the old mission and the “ghost lighthouse” which seemed to have fallen into a state of disrepair over the years. Wishing to carry on their spirit and continue the tradition lost after the reconstruction era of the Civil War, the team took control of the base, modified it and upgraded it in order to face a new frontier and help pick up the shattered pieces of the world, much like the original team did after the Civil War. Using the advanced technologies used to build Dreamland’s attractions and rides as well as Façade’s magic, they spared no expense in creating the ultimate base for the monitoring and research of the threats they’d face, the people they’d help and the world as a whole as they entered this strange new frontier.

   Welcome to the Citadel a place where the impossible is possible and magic and technology come together to create a new sanctuary for the world’s champions.

Layout of The Citadel:
  • The Control Room "The Keep": The main room of the original team, it was remodeled after the Sinclair Circlerama. Complete with holograms and simulated environments, designed to reduce the chances of depression caused by the lack of light and promote peace in a stressful environment, this is where briefings are explained, meetings are held and computer research done as their fight for the future continues. Each wall is an LED screen made to simulate a window and capable of showing just about any simulated environment from the Mariana trench to the furthest reaches of space and can be programmed to adjust lights and simulated 4-D effects accordingly. Also provided was a series of florescent lamps designed to keep the biological clock happy and Façade’s oxygen giving plants the light they need to grow. And if you’re impressed already, wait until you see the holographic projection unit. Designed for convenience and comfort, and to look pretty damned cool , it reduces the need for a computer terminal and allows everyone to see 3-Dimensional projections and simulated shapes, figures, maps, etc.
  • The Shrine of Heroes:  A small shrine dedicated to the original team and where the hard copy of the Alpha Watch constitution is kept in order to remind them of their values and the laws they uphold.
  • Breakroom: Surprisingly not all that advanced it resembles a larger breakroom, complete with microwave, sink, a counter and cupboards, a table, and an adjacent bathroom although it shows the team cut some corners here to save money, it seems to do its job well.
  • Gym/Training: Here is where the team can train their powers and keep their bodies sharp, equipped with exercise equipment and a training simulator (think a primitive version of the danger room), it uses animatronics, advanced machinery and good old fashioned exercise equipment to promote good health and the skills needed to fight. Dinami acts as the hand-to-hand combat instructor, while Khaoz teaches marksmenship and accuracy.
  • The Laboratories:  A self-contained and highly secure room, it was created for the research and study of samples taken, as well as the development and research of new technology. It’s said Dark Crow mostly rules this roost and is pretty strict about who and who cannot enter. Contains a work bench full of beakers and test tubes, what can be described as an advanced chemical hood made to test subjects in a series of different environments and  of course a holographic projector not unlike the one in the control room, allowing them to access the main computers.
  • The Vault: The most protected room in the base, it’s where they store the weapons and technology the confiscate. 
  • “The Guts”: Jovially called “the guts” beneath the base are various power generators and computing equipment made to make the base run. The A.I. system is housed down here and is programmed to maintain and watch the base itself.