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Alpha Watch


Dr. Harper Brooks, Professor of Sociology and great-great granddaughter of Samuel Boots (The Gray Coat).

The Elders

Celtic Bolt, Blood Knight, Hero, Kaos, Occult, Facade, Insaniack, Dinami & Dark Crow.

Young Alphas

The Crick, Bandit, Titan, Star-Bolt, Ms. Bolt & Recurve.

Current Roster for Archetypes:

1. CELTIC BOLT (M) "The Mystical Speedster"

Archetype: Catalyst Hero/Leader/Speedster/Mystical/Sage.

Don't blink or you just might miss him. Celtic Bolt is a mystic speedster and a practitioner of the lost art of magic. Using his powers and his understanding of a time and place sandwiched between the pages of history and myth, he carries not only the fate of the world on his shoulders, but an entire legacy dating back countless eons.

Celtic Bolt is the willing hero, think of Robert the Bruce or the Arthur, both characters displayed a williness to become a heroic symbol in their own stories. Celtic Bolt acts as an elder to most of the other team members and a natural born leader. Even though, he does not take ownership or leadership within the ranks of Alpha Watch. It’s true that speedsters are usually a generic type but Celtic Bolt adds a new twist to the archetype. Instead of using a mutant gene or the time force to achieve this ability, Celtic Bolt taps into and absorbs the mystical force of True magic that enables him to run faster than any man or woman alive. When his power is active a fiery green aura is seen around his hands, which is also from where he fires some of that True magic energy that he has at his command. A side effect and an uncommon physical feature from contact with True magic is Celtic Bolt’s hair which appears green which is styled in a ponytail with grey aged templates indicating his real age on the sides.

2. HERO (M) "Hero of the People"

Archetype: Willing Hero/Paragon/Powerhouse/Defender/Pedagogue.

What is it that comes to mind when you hear the word Hero? Is it the man who can fly faster than the speed of light? Is it the men and women you idolized from the depths of your heart? Or was it the person who stood up for what's right, despite the odds, danger and circumstance? Hero is the current incarnation of Samson, the epic hero and cosmic warrior. Having lived numerous lives and made more than a few mistakes along the way. He learned that wisdom can only come through experience and continues to evolve, just as the societies that adopted him have. Now a pillar of the community and a modern day hero, he’s willing to put his life on the line, whether it’s on the frontline of an interdimensional battle or in the streets of the towns, cities and homes that comprise this big wide world of ours.

Believed to be a myth or legend by many religions, over thousands of years Hero has fulfilled this role as an earthly wanderer. At Hero’s core is a simple yet protective man who touches the lives of those he helps, not just with action...but with wisdom as a pedagogue (teacher). Just like his namesake, Hero is a powerhouse when it comes to his strength. It relies on his confidence and will. Without it, he loses his god-like abilities. He is considered one of the strongest men alive. Hero is very family orientated and is happily married to his wife and has a beloved teenage son who has inherited some of Hero’s abilities. He stands a paragon symbol as a noble, humble man of virtue. What separates Hero from other heroes is his dedication to family. Hero’s family is his life and serving others is his sole mission. Hero is protective of those around him. It is in his nature to protect and defend that which he holds dear. Though thoughtful and good nature, Hero is truly frightening when those under his protection are threatened. Hero is not a boy scout, nor is he a spoiled brat. Despite being divine, at times he can be more human than any of us. He’s learned that enlightenment and wisdom can only come through experience. Having lived many lives over the millennial, it’s no secret that he’s made his share of mistakes, but like the societies that adopted him, he’s learned to evolve, adapt and grow.

A symbol of hope, Hero lives to inspire others to greatness. Shining light through the darkness, a beacon of hope for those who have lost their way.

3. INSANIAK (M) "The Cartoon Cavalcade"

Archetype: Hero/Benefactor/Jester/Optimist/Adaptable.

Said to be off the wall and out of his mind, Insaniak is a living cartoon character whose powers can weave dreams or create nightmares. Although deemed somewhat unstable and perhaps even dangerous, it can't be argued however that his skills are not only special, they're positively unique and that his admiration for the beauty of creation is almost unrivaled.

4. FACADE (F) "The Voice of Nature"

Archetype: Unwilling Heroine/Supplicant/Behemoth (Beast)/Gaia/Adaptable.

Considered a goddess of a lost world and the voice of nature itself, Facade is nothing more than a reflection of her former self. Acting as nature's sharp sword and a guardian of its secrets, you better be careful because even the most beautiful of roses may have the sharpest thorns.

Façade is seen as a beacon of hope. She is the unwilling heroine who was introduced to the civilized world by Insaniak. These two beings share a unique and passionate relationship with each other. It is rumored they have a romantic relationship, while some believed they act more like siblings. Façade is considered a behemoth by others, who view her as an anamorphic tree. Little do most people know, Façade is a guardian of nature and was a normal human before being transformed by the Seed of Life.

5. BLOOD KNIGHT (F) "The Flame of Fate"

Archetype: Catalyst Heroine/Mage/Visionary.

Born in a dimension where magic is at war with the advancements of science, since Blood Knight's birth her almost demonic appearance and abilities have made people question what she is, where she came from and whether she's a friend or foe. Attempting to blend in and make sense of her lost world, she hopes some day that she can return home and deliver it from the chaos it has become.

Blood Knight is the epitomy of utilising your own ability. After spending so long human before her unexpected transformation, she initially tried to reject her inherit abilities due to her inability to understand them; adjusting to consuming blood as fuel for example is a big emotional step as much as a physical one. BK's character evolves into that of acceptance as well as excitement. Even though she has to adjust to this life-changing cycle, she begins to discovery her own capabilities in that she can shape-shift, mend wounds and regenerate, generate blasts of energy, fly and so much more.

Her attachment to her teammates drives from her empathic nature, having grown up in a close family and developing a close relationship with her mentor and later guardian, Dr Isaac Hayes. She is more than willing to put her life on teh line to save her teammates, even if detrimental to a mission objective.

Even thoughs he seem a demon to some, an alien to others, BK remains a growing flame of hope for the future in a world where others with such power would shroud in darkness.

6. CHE CRICK (M) "Tough Luck"

Archetype: Unwilling Hero/Gadgeteer/Honest Abe.

It's said that sometimes life isn't fair, that luck and chance is the only thing at times that can make a man, a monster, a saint into a sinner and single handily destroy families, communities and even entire civilizations. Blessed with a brilliant mind and a swift hand, The Crick believes that although bad things happen, you can always make them better, perhaps you just need a little tough luck on your side.

7. KAOZ (M) "The Nowhere Man"

Archetype: Tragic Anti-hero/Gadgeteer/Revolutionary.

It’s said that chaos is formless, an unstoppable force that takes no single shape nor face. Born only to bring anarchy and disorder to our world, Kaoz seemed to deal the forces of chaos a wildcard by distributing his own brand of justice and order. Who is Kaoz? Is he the voice you hear in the dead of night? Is he that figure you could have sworn you saw out of the corner of your eye? Or is he just a rumor whispered amongst Chicago’s underworld? Perhaps the more appropriate questions is: Are you daring and clever enough to find out?

8. OCCULT (M) "The Mystical Gunslinger"

Archetype: Unwilling Hero/Recognition Seeker/Mage/Gunslinger.

Guided by a force known only as "the Unknown" and visions of possible futures that may come to pass he is never told how or why he is to get involved with these events or even whether or not the odds are even in his favor. But armed with a pair of mystical pistols and a series of arcane abilities, his journey is a never ending quest into the strange, mysterious and magical as he attempts to right the wrongs of this world and prove that forces of fate and destiny are not always set in stone.

9. STAR-BOLT (M) "The Living Supernova"

Archetype: Hero/Blaster/Energy Projector/Defender/Honest Abe

There exists a race of pure energy that wander the universe fascinated with life in all its myriad forms. One particular member happened upon an unremarkable, small, blue planet on the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy. However, over the millenia, a fascinating form of organic life sprouted and this caught the being's attention. It came down to investigate and then its life changed.

Creating a body of its own, in order to better blend in with the subjects, it became trapped. A freak blast of lightning left him with no memory of its life before the strike. A helpful stranger steered him into becoming a hero. Given his abilities and with no memory to counter the supposition, he soon did become a hero and found that the new role fit. Now he fights to preserve life and light from a growing darkness while trying to discover who (or what) he really is.

Reserve Members:

10. RECURVE (F) "The Telekinetic Archer"

Archetype: Unwilling Heroine/Archer/Marksmen/Telekinesis.

The human mind is a mysterious thing, full of wonder, mystery and some of the most complex biological processes ever known, despite having been well equipped we as a species barely know how to use them. Having been exposed to an unknown illegal experimental mutagen, her body went into shock and her mind lapsed into a coma, the world figured there wasn’t much going on in her mind while she slumbered. However truth be told there was a lot more going on than what people saw in that hospital bed. With major parts of her brain where damaged bejond normal repair. But while she couldn’t regenerate the cells of her cerebral system that were destroyed, with the after effects of those mutagens kicking in the remaining cells got to work redirecting and re-awaking neural pathways, crossing wires and reconfiguring the brain so that she may once again function and in the process unlocking new and unused abilities. Now awake and seeking retribution for the damage done to her mind and reputation shed now becomes the persona of Recurve, she’s just one of the few who represent the amazing mechanics of the human system.

11. DARK CROW (M) "The Winged Harbinger"

Archetype: Willing Hero/Gadgeteer/Time Traveler/Theorist Science.

In Native American mythology, it's said that the crow always hash one eye in the future and one in the past, so that when it flies, its path is straight. Coming from one of many tomorrows Dark Crow is a winged harbinger of another time and place that isn't exactly that great big beautiful tomorrow we were all promised. Using his scientific skills and his amazing arsenal of futuristic technology, he hopes to make sense of scientific mysteries, dispense justice and perhaps spare this timeline the dark tomorrow he had come from.

In Native American mythology, the crow is often seen as an oracle, said to keep one eye in the future and one eye in the past, its path is always straight. Dark Crow is a re imagining of this old legend. Without falling to the cliches and stereotypes that tend to befall native american characters, he's a biologist above all else, believing in the beauty of life and having respect for it, even in its most unusual and unrecognizable of forms. And like the crow of mythology, he's also an oracle, having come from a cyberpunk future branched off from the 90's, he believes in the words of the great Arnold Toynbee, who stated that if a people cannot rush to meet the future, it can plow them under and crush them flat. Also believes in the principle of constants and variables, believing that a although his future may not be the direct result of this timeline, there will just be some factors that will always be the same...even if they come about in convergent evolution.

12. DINAMI (F) "The Echo of Aptitude"

Archetype: Tragic Anti- Heroine / Deviant /Martial Artist/Melee Specialist.

Dinami is among the lucky ones. At age 15, she managed to break free of

the brothels and start a new life. Today, surviving the enslavement and escape, and about coming to terms with

her dark past and becoming a hero.

13. BANDIT (F) "The Unalloyed Lady"

Archetype: Follower Heroine /Deviant/ Follower.

14. MS. BOLT (F) "The Thermal Girl"

Archetype: Offspring Heroine/Blaster/Martyr.

The great historian Arnold Toynbee believed that if a people cannot rush to meet their future, it will plow them under and crush them flat. Well not only has the future arrived, it's rushing at us at an alarming rate. From the same timeline of possibility that produced Dark Crow, piggybacking through the hole in time opened by Dark Crow she too has found her way back to the golden age of superheroes. An unprotected journey with still unknown consequences for herself and possibly others. Who is this mysterious young lady and And what dark secrets does she hold?

15. TITAN (M) "Son of the People"



16. PROTO-KNIGHT (M) "The Metallic Cavalry"

Archetype: Hero/Wanderer/Guardian.

17. PRIVATE MASQUE (M) "The Masquerader"

Archetype: Cynical-Hero/

18. DR. COGNITION (M) "The Surgeon of the Psyche"

Archetype: Confidant /Theorist Cognitive/Sage/Telepathic.

19. PARAQUAKE (M) " "

20. STARLIT (F) ""


We've often looked up at the night sky and watched the shooting stars as they streaked across our galaxy. And while perceived as beautiful for their eerie radiance and their uncommon appearance, as Dark Crow will tell you the true beauty of meteorites is what we don't see. As the theory currently goes, it was falling stars that jump-started life on Earth providing necessary key elements to begin the process of seeding. Born from a meteorite that collected countless of vital proteins, DNA and RNA molecules from alien meteor showers, Starlit was born. A child of the cosmos, she is just one of these "star children" and as Dark Crow would also say, just as meteorites can bring life, they can also take it away as in the case of the K-T extinction 65 million years ago.

21. EBONY (F) "The Ghost in the Machine"

Archetype - Tragic/Survivor/Machine


19. (M) "The Time Ripper"

Archetype: Villain/

Time to many is but a one way street, only perceived in past, present and future. But as any physicist will tell you that past, present and future are only concepts as we perceive them, that behind the curtain of the 4th dimension and extending far into the 11th, there's infinite possibility and mechanics that we can't even begin to understand. The Time Ripper is a man who is determined to understand the complexities no mortal man has comprehended and venture backstage in order to see the forces that dictate and comprise all reality. he would no hesitate in risking the universe as we know it just to get a glimpse at the invisible forces we cannot perceive.

20.(M) "TBC "

Archetype: Anti-Villain/Autocrat

AW's Rogue Gallery:

21. SLOWDOWN (M) "Time is on my side"

Archetype: Villain/Mercenary/sloth

"A mercenary for hire, his main tool is that of time itself. By manipulating the 4th dimension, he can alter the passage of time for selected objects. And while an ideal tool when facing a foe such as Celtic Bolt, it seems that his abilitiy is not without consequence."

22. VIVSECTOR (M) ""

Archetype: Villain/

" A rogue biologist, Vivisector has distanced himself so far from humanity, he can no longer relate to it. Believing that humanity was a mistake wrongly nurtured by nature and that the only true justice lies in the laws of Charles Darwin, he wishes to reshape humanity to his image and restore the order of nature that was long before humanity and its "perversions" "

23. THE MIXER (M) " "

Archetype: Villain/


Archetype: Villain/

When it comes to Insaniak, it can probably be said he’s his own worst enemy…literally. Created from the darker personality traits he neglected, like a cist formed around a pathogen or a pearl made to isolate an irritant, his body tried to neglect and isolate them, to the point where they managed to take on identities of their own. But just because they were born of Insaniak’s half-crazed mind, doesn’t make them any less real or any less dangerous. Possessing reality warping powers and the diseased mind of a cartoon villain, they’re amoral and lack any sense of limitation of the world they now inhabit. Only by literally being squeezed back into Insaniak’s head can they be dealt with at risk of crippling or even destroying Insaniak entirely. "

Bizarrnival: Crime boss who mutates his victims to horrible caricatures. Born from Insaniak's fear of being alone in this world and outcast by society.

Sweet Dream: A demonic wish granter who creates greed and war to fuel his existence. Born from Insaniak's rejection of greed.

Twinsaniak: The incarnation of just about every cartoon villain you can imagine. His logic is erratic and his insanity is not limited to the physical boundaries of the real world. Born from his excess insanity and repressed dark side.

25. ERIS (F) " "

Archetype: Villain/

26. FAGIN ( ) " "

Archetype: Anti-Villain/Autocrat

27. ARMORDILLO (M) " "

Archetype: Anti-Villain/Autocrat

28. LA ROACH (M) " "

Archetype: Anti-Villain/Autocrat

29. WASTEWALKER (M) "The Megaton Magnate"

Archetype: Villain/Autocrat/Visionary/Radioactive

30. THE HELLIGAN (V) "The Corrupted"

Archetype: Villains/Exiled/Corrupted

"The corrupted 13th race of man. Changed forever by the long exposure to True Magic used for evil. Henchmen to the "Old Enemy". Though few in numbers they once again are resurfacing to claim what was once lost to them, the 13th Artifact and the rule of this world.