"The First Watch"

Ever watchful, they are The First to stand ready.

The alpha watch

In a world so very much like our own, yet so very different, in recent years it has been discovered that the impossible is indeed possible as the first ever case of super powers have been substantiated and verified. Up until now, super powers were the product of comic books and science fiction, magic the product of fairy tales and a fear of the unknown and the classic super heroes vs. villains scenario, nothing more than a scenario played out in the works of modern fiction. Although there have been legends and unexplained cases to fill the history books and the curious chronicles of Ripley's Believe it or Not, never before have they been proven. To be believed or disbelieved, often assumed to just as real as aliens, Bigfoot and the Slender Man and often dismissed just as quickly.

In the world of the Alpha Watch, the world as we know it is on the verge of a new frontier where the lines between the comics and the real world are becoming increasingly blurred. In this new era, what was once Popular Science fantasy has now become a reality, as everyday new discoveries are being made and human ingenuity enters a new age only limited by its own imagination. Magic, which was once considered a lost art is no longer restricted to the underground groves and covens as magicians, demons and supernatural creatures become more bold and uncover the shroud of secrecy that has protected them for the past few centuries. And of course the world can’t help but stop and hold their breath as they see for themselves men who could bend steel with their bare hands, run at immeasurable speeds and do the things they never thought possible.

In this world in need of stability and order, a group of extraordinary people rise to the challenge of settling this brave new frontier and paving a way for a brighter tomorrow. Calling themselves the Alpha Watch, they consider themselves the successors to a legendary group of watchmen whose brand of vigilante justice helped to settle the United States in the chaotic aftermath in the civil war and inspired a whole series of tall tales, again to be believed or disbelieved alongside those of John Henry, Paul Bunion and of course Johnny Appleseed. It’s a brand new adventure into the world of comics, full of excitement, intrigue and drama. Alpha Watch is sure to inspire the imagination and take readers on an incredible journey in to the weird, bizarre and wondrous.

So stay tuned and as Dark Crow would say: "Hope to see you in the future"

Ever watchful, they are The First to stand ready.